Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mood Song ~

Malem ini gue pengen banget Galau
untuk orang yang (rada) susah galau kaya gue, emang mesti usaha dulu
buat GALAU

dan gue nemuin solusinya,
gue yutub-an

John Mayer - Back To You


back to you
it always comes around
back to you
I tried to forget you
I tried to stay away
But it's too late

over you
I'm never over
over you
something about you
It's just the way you move
the way you move me

I'm so good at forgetting
and I quit every game I've played
but forgive me love
I can't turn and walk away

back to you
it always comes around
back to you
I walk with your shadow
I'm sleeping in my bed
with your silhouette

should have smiled in that picture
if it's the last that I'll see of you
it's the least that you could not do

oh I will
leave the light on
I'll never give up on you
leave the light on
for me too

back to me
I know that it comes
back to me
doesn't it scare you
your will is not as strong
as it used to be 

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